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French February Program 2022

No more Mystery for French! 2.5 to 7 year olds.

21/02 to 25/02: Le pays des orages ! / The land of thunderstorms! We go in search of the Weather planet and the ideal weather. In this trip, we pass through the land of the sun; what do we wear, what do we eat? Then in the land of snow and finally we arrive in the land of thunderstorms, storms, tsunamis, hurricanes and others … Everyday vocabulary but with lots of surprises!

28/02 to 04/03 : Je suis un aventurier ! / I am an adventurer! . We go to the end of the world and we discover 4 continents: Africa, Asia, Europe and America. We wonder about the fauna, flora, customs … All this is done through fun activities, such as cooking, sport, music …



Days Prix

21/02 to 25/02

5 days Full

28/02 to 04/03

5 days Full

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