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We are going on a bear hunt !

English for children aged 2.5 to 7 – April 25 to 29, 2022


Mobilise the language

Art activity

Song of the day/reading

Creative/culinary activity

Sport and motor skills

All about bears

How are they bears? Make a bear mask We are going on a bear hunt Counting and measuring… bears! The bear race

We’re Going Through the Big, Dark Forest

Colors and the forest vocabulary My own nature tree Modeling paw workshops Forest yoga

We’re Going Through the Deep, Cold River

The River Create your own book map We meet in the river Sharks and Minnows

We’re Going Through a Narrow, Gloomy Cave

The Cave Role play – bears in the cave Cave Paintings The tunnel race

Putting it Together – Time for a Bear Hunt!

I’m finishing my bear book We’re going on a Scavenger Hunt! Bear Cookies Fancy Dress Party!


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