Kaleidoscope bilingual school has a pursuit for bilingualism for all students. Bilingualism is acquired through oral and written communication. The acquisition of these skills is mainly done in primary, we have structured our education method according to this objective. Thus, at the primary level, bilingualism is divided into mornings in one language and afternoons in the other because the focus is on the discovery of writing and it is important to practice both languages every day, including Wednesdays. In this way, children learn the basics of reading and writing in both languages.

Moreover, children will learn to live together in a multilingual institution, they will evolve in a multicultural environment. It is a real asset for the pursuit of their studies, and in the future, the search for employment.
A program 100% in line with Education Nationale standards As parents, you want to make sure that your children will follow exactly the same curriculum as students in other schools and that they will have reached the same level of knowledge upon arrival at the college. At Kaleidoscope bilingual school we fully understand your wish, and we share it. We follow the program dictated by Education Nationale, we work in collaboration with other bilingual schools, such as the International Schools of Toulouse or Paris, the college Victor Hugo (international section), Portishead (UK) and Holy Trinity Primary (UK). The school staff have all the necessary qualifications and experience and are either native English speakers, French speakers or bilingual French-English speakers. Everything is done to maintain a level of excellence beyond reproach.
MentionRating of  “Very satisfactory” by the Academy inspection Thanks to the quality of teaching and teaching methodology, Kaleidoscope bilingual school was awarded a “Very Satisfactory” rating in a report published by Education Nationale during an audit carried out in 2014.