Our dedicated Wednesday English section is open to all children whether they attend Kaleidoscope or are within the French school system.

Wednesday Club for Pre-schooler (3 to 6 years old)

Learn English whilst having fun!

The lessons focus on oral communication/interaction with other children whilst having fun. We use songs, music, games and stories to encourage children to express themselves and take part in activities. Your child will soon learn to recognise words, phrases and numbers.

Each period (about 6 weeks), focuses on a different theme. Each theme is designed to stimulate the interest of children and to encourage maximum understanding and speaking in English.




Wednesday Club for Primary School Children (ages 7 to 10)

From the CP class, you can either drop off your child at 12:30, for lunch followed by a playful learning afternoon in English. Alternatively you can bring them at 1:30, after lunch.

We have devised a specific program to learn English in a playful way, whilst working on reading and writing, a key point of the program in CP. Thus, the linguistic dimension is treated as a whole: oral, writing, text comprehension, grammar, spelling… but we also have fun with songs and artistic activities.




Wednesday Club for English speakers (7 to 10 years old)

Dedicated reading and writing focused learning.

This specific section of Kaleidoscope is aimed at primary school pupils of an English mother tongue who are enrolled in French schools and wish to practice reading and writing. The classes are exclusively in English, and favor all aspects of literacy. Our aim is to develop the children’s bilingual ability to become native English speakers/readers. The section is also aimed to support those children who wish to enroll on to the English program at Victor Hugo for college.