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Dear Parents,

Through this document, you will find the detailed Kaleidoscope Return to School Protocol that will be implemented from September 1st 2020.

This document has been drawn up taking into account the “Reopening of Pre-School and Primary schools Health Protocol” published by the Ministry of National Education on June 22nd 2020 and in consultation with all Kaleidoscope members (Management Team, Kaleidoscope Staff and KPA (Kaleidoscope Parents Association) .

I would first like to let you know that our top priority is the safety and health of your children and all Kaleidoscope staff. It is therefore important that we all (staff, parents and children) abide by it together to  implement it successfully.  

Kaleidoscope- classes/organisation:

· The objective is to create “pods” where each class can work independently and safely without mixing with other classes in the school.

This protocol and this new organization have been thought through and developed with the objectives of limiting travel within the school as much as possible, respecting «gestes barrières» and preserving the health and safety of each and every one.

These measures can be reviewed if instructed by governmental reviews.

Covid 19 Return to school protocol.

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