At Kaleidoscope bilingual school we know that giving children the chance to become bilingual from an early age brings them an undeniable asset in life, whether for the pursuit of their studies or for their personal and professional development. Moreover, children will learn to live together in a multilingual institution and will evolve in a multicultural environment, which will give them maturity and openness.
In preschool, your child spends two days a week in an English class and two days in a French class in full immersion. If the linguistic context is twofold, the educational subjects set up by the school are common to both streams. The teaching team, both native English and native French speaking, are specifically trained in the learning of bilingualism. Both streams work on the same subject and projects every period. This allows children to effortlessly acquire preschool skills in both languages simultaneously. Ultimately, uncontested results, a highly motivated team … and the children are so happy!

In accordance with the Education Nationale  The teaching program of Kaleidoscope bilingual school conforms entirely with that dictated by the Education Nationale, and the EYF (Early Years Foundations).

Rating of  “Very satisfactory” received after an inspection by the Academy

Thanks to the quality of its teaching method, Kaleidoscope bilingual school received the rating of “Very satisfactory” in a report published by the National Education in an audit carried out in 2014 and revised in 2016.