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Dear Parents,

Through this document, you will find the detailed Kaleidoscope Return to School Protocol that will be implemented from May 12, after the Government imposed lock down which started March 16 due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

This document has been drawn up taking into account the “Reopening of Pre-School and Primary schools Health Protocol” published by the Ministry of National Education and in consultation with all Kaleidoscope members (Management Team, Kaleidoscope Staff and KPA (Kaleidoscope Parents Association).

I would first like to let you know that our top priority is the safety and health of your children and all Kaleidoscope staff. It is therefore important that we all (staff, parents, and children) abide by it together to implement it successfully.  

The Kaleidoscope protocol is based on that of National Education, which is attached. We are aware that the constraints applied are very heavy and can have a psychological impact on your children, in particular on children in pre-school classes. We therefore ask you to read this Covid 19 Return to School Protocol carefully.

Kaleidoscope- classes/organisation:

  • In Primary classes, from CP to CM2, full-time, a maximum of 15 students will be authorised per workspace.
  • In Pre-school classes, from PS to GS, a maximum of 10 students will be authorised per workspace. To allow this restrictive provision, Kaleidoscope has decided to only receive children from priority families * (see below). For other children, home school as it has been implemented since March 16 will continue to be provided.

Back to school dates:

  • May 11: Kaleidoscope staff.
  • May 12: pupils of the CP, CM1 and CM2 classes as well as pupils of GS from priority families* (See below).
  • May 18: students from CE1 and CE2 join the school.
  • May 25: if the operation of the nursery school with the GS since May 12 allows us to ensure a welcome compatible with the age and characteristics of students of MS and PS, we will then ensure the education of students of PS and MS of priority families * (See below).

You will find the measures that we are implementing from May 12 in the different dedicated tabs of our website. This protocol and this new organization have been thought through and developed with the objectives of limiting travel within the school as much as possible, respecting «gestes barrières» and preserving the health and safety of each and every one as much as possible whilst offering education as close as possible to the one your children received before March 16. These measures will be reviewed on Monday, June 1st, when the government announces its phase 2 deconfinement plan. The protocol will therefore be reviewed and amended, if necessary. Further reviews will then take place every 14 days. * Priority Family:

  • Children of key worker (civil servants, public transport employees, traders who have remained open since the containment started, business managers),
  • The children of staff responsible for the opening of schools,
  • Children whose two parents have an obligation to return to work,
  • Distressed children,
  • Children not accessing online learning from home.

Covid 19 Return to school protocol.

Full Plan (PDF)
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