Bilingual Primary Teaching method – Total immersion shared in half-days: mornings in French and afternoons in English or vice versa, to practice both languages every day, including Wednesdays. – Program in conformity with the requirements of Education Nationale to ensure training recognised by the entire education system. – Classes with small numbers (maximum 22 pupils) to respect the rhythm of the class and to answer the needs of each pupil. – Bilingual team of teachers working on the same project to ensure the coherence of teaching. Educational Approach – An open approach to education, oriented towards others and towards the world, inscribing the cultural diversity that constitutes our classes as pedagogical support. – A process that promotes autonomy, respect for others and the environment. – Place where each aspect of the educational life takes place harmoniously around the child. – Close and privileged connection with parents, in order to better support each student’s schooling.

School projects Our children are the main actors in their education. Each period, we propose innovative and interesting projects that allow children to enrich themselves, to flourish and to grow. We involve parents, the community and families to enrich their knowledge.