Kaleidoscope bilingual school is a SAS “privé hors contrat (Private education outside contract)”. The bilingual school is approved by the Education Nationale under the number UAI 0312862T. The program taught in Kaleidoscope bilingual school is fully compliant with the official program dictated by the National Education. Thanks to the quality of the teaching and the method practiced, the teaching method at Kaleidoscope bilingual school was rated as “Very satisfactory” by the inspection of Education Nationale in June 2014. Information

  • Hours: 7:30 am to 6:15 pm.
  • Start of classes at 9 am, end at 4:30 pm with before and after school care available
  • Breakfast offered until 8.30 am, and a snack at 4:45 pm included
  • Lunch provided by “Ansamble“, local caterer

Tariff 2021/2022

Items Yearly Monthly Weekly Daily
Enrollment Fees 250,00€
Tuition Fees * 5 280,00€ 440,00€
Breakfast Club 30,00€ 3,00€
Afternoon club 50,00€ 5,00€
School Dinners 18,00€ 5,00€
Wednesday School Full day 1 620,00€ 45,00€
Wednesday School Half day 1 080,00€ 30,00€
Holiday club 220,00€

*Discount for siblings: 5100,00€ per year or 425,00€ x 12 months.

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