In small groups, classes will enjoy learning English through total immersion. They will learn through dynamic games, activities, crafts and songs in English, based on the theme of the week.

We have chosen playful themes that will enable our children to learn the basic vocabulary of the English language.

Older children (8 to 10 years old) will be in levelled classes in order to adapt the learning to their language needs. They will follow the Cambridge TEFL program “Superminds” in the morning and join in with the themed fun through art and games in the afternoon.

Dates Days Price
19th to 23rd October 5 220€
26th to 30th October 5 220€

19th to 23rd October : Going to the Zoo … Who’s hiding in the Zoo? We’re going to explore the animals world of the jungle, the desert and the farm. We work on the vocabulary of animals, their habitats, their eating habits around songs, games, sports …

26th to 30th October : Friendly Monsters. We’re going to look for friendly monsters and celebrate Halloween at the same time. We’re working on the magic and mysterious world of nice little monsters.