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Plaisance (Haute-Garonne)

English for 3 – 8 year olds Date(s) séjours :

Dates Nom Org. Age Days Price
23/04 – 26/04 Kaléidoscope 3 /8 4 Full
29/04 – 03/05 (1st is a bank holiday) Kaléidoscope 3 /8 4 Full

The programme: 3 to 8 year olds

23 – 26 April : Spring & Colours !

The seasons, nature, plants and garden. What does spring look like? This learning theme will ensure that your children discovers the different seasons, the animals and plants, the colours of the rainbow. All this with the help of art projects, songs, sports… Enroll

29 April – 3 May (1st is a bank holiday): All about Britain !

Lochness monstrer, Guy Fawks, tea at the Ritz. We discover the British world. With workshops on cinema, food, the Queen and fashion. The children will explore the UK from all angles. Enroll