Learn English while having fun!

Plaisance (Haute-Garonne)

English for the little ones – 3 to 8 year olds Date(s) days :

Dates Nom Org. Age No of days Cost
08/07 – 12/07 Kaléidoscope 3 / 8 5 Full
15/07 – 19/07 Kaléidoscope 3 / 8 5 Full
22/07 – 26/07 Kaléidoscope 3 / 8 5 Full
29/07 – 02/08 Kaléidoscope 3 / 8 5 Full
The Programme: 3 to 8 yrs

From 8 to 12 July: Food for Thought – Through activities in the gym, role-playing, games and songs we will learn the name of fruits and vegetables, how they grow and especially how to eat them … We will also go outside and do some gardening.


July 15-19 July: My Favourite Pet – “What does a cat do?” Let’s talk about pets and the farm. We will count, play, sing and enjoy the garden to look for the little beasts!


July 22-26 July: Yo Ho Ho Pirates at sea – Going to the land of our imagination… Jack of the Baltic, Treasure Hunts , battle at Sea! … we are working on the vocabulary of the deep sea. We will learn all about the sea during fun activities such as cooking, sports, team games and songs…


July 29 to August 2: Superhero, the Fantastic five! … Who wouldn’t want to be a superhero? Through activities in the gym, in our garden and on touch screen we will work on the vocabulary of clothes, feelings and 5 senses.