Our experience with Kaleidoscope has been very rewarding. Being from the US, and not really knowing what to expect when it came to the education of our two kids while here in France, we were very optimistic as to how our children would adjust.We met Chris and Sandrine at the new Kaleidoscope building, and they were very informative and helpful in making the transition very smooth for us. Our daughter has excelled in her French class. Her teacher Laëtitia has been very impressed with her ability to grasp the language as quickly as she has.  Our son Jeremiah is still adjusting to his new school environment, but the teachers have been so patient with him. He also has some medical conditions that require attention, and the staff has been hands on when the time for treatment arises. If you are looking for a bilingual education for your children, in a safe and family-friendly environment,  we highly recommend Kaleidoscope Bilingual Ecole.

Une école de rêve qui permet aux enfants de s’épanouir totalement.

4 ans de scolarité  pour Valentino…..4 ans de Bonheur pour lui et pour nous

Bienveillance, respect de l’enfant avec ses différences, enseignement haut de gamme, activités multiples et variées….

Un sans faute