I was born in Sydney, Australia and decided to move to Toulouse late last year.
Before beginning my career in teaching, I studied Finance and have worked in the Finance field for  over two years. After careful introspection, I knew teaching was my passion.
In 2009, I began my teaching studies whilst working as a Diploma qualified Room Leader in which later I progressed my role as an Early Childhood Teacher, as well as, an Educational Leader in the Long Daycare service.
Soon, with my bachelor degree in teaching, I decided to move to England where I have taught classes ranging from Nursery to Grade 6.
After traveling to France on countless occasions, I finally decided to start my new journey to Toulouse 8 months later.
I believe teaching children English or being a teacher isn’t just about getting them to know new vocabulary or to be able to count or tell the days. It’s about getting them to embrace a new language or even ways of expression that intrigues and stimulates their curiosity, to enjoy using English as part of their daily lives, to challenge themselves in recognizing, negotiating means and communicating in different language systems. However, most importantly, each child is unique and learns differently so learning a new language is about having the right guidance from a teacher who is able to connect and build relationships with children and their families to enhance their overall development.
Children learn best if we recognize their unique strengths and their preferred learning styles because each child have great capacity to learn if the right opportunity is presented to them.