I’m originally from the North West of England. My passion has been, and continues to be, travel. I have loved to travel and have travelled to countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Argentina and Bolivia. Having such varied and interesting cultural experiences has expanded my knowledge and understanding of the world greatly. I relocated with my partner to France in the summer of 2016 and we now live and work around Toulouse, a fascinating city.

I have over 8 years experience working in a variety of schools. Before leaving the UK I worked as a Teaching Assistant in a Special Educational Needs primary school. Since arriving in France I have worked with French children, assisting with their English language after school. Working with young people and children is something I have always enjoyed and have become passionate about helping every child grow in confidence and reach their full potential. I am keen to help create an environment which is stimulating and challenging for the children. I find supporting children on their bilingual journey extremely fulfilling and I am very excited to be able to continue this role at Kaleidoscope.