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Mobilise the language


Song / Book

Creative / culinary activity


Period 1 – Monsters – Shapes, colours and body (September 5 to October 21, 2022)

The Halloween vocabulary – watches and traditions.

Conjugation of -ing verbs, the human body (and monster!), emotions

The different representations of the body: the skeleton

Les potions magiques

Sport: The shape race and colours

Period 2 – The seasons and the clothes (November 7 to December 16, 2022)

The vocabulary of the seasons and the weather and the clothes that go with it

Respond to complex questions, prepositions associated with the body

My seasonal calendar

Using the language: I learn To knit

Sport: Jaques said… the body and the habits

Period 3 – Trades (January 3 to February 17, 2023)

The vocabulary of trades and descriptions of people

Verbs in the future and modal verbs, descriptions of people

The morning: focus on writing and verbs

Using the language:Role play of trades

Sport: I am an athlete: Running d’obstacles

Period 4 – My house and my City (March 6 to April 21, 2023)

Descriptions of urban spaces and the house

Verbs of movement, prepositions and adjectives for places, directions

My village in 3D

Using the language: Building aa clean ville

Sport: Red Light, Green Light

Period 5 – My garden and nature! (May 9 to July 4, 2023)

The vocabulary of green spaces, plants, and small animals

Verbs in the past, natural adjectives, rich adjectives

Become a landscaper

Using the language: Garden

Sport: Move Like One Insecte


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