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Reinforced English in secondary school for bilingual or near-bilingual French-English children.
Preparation for official Cambridge exams (Advanced, Proficiency…)
and IGCSE (British equivalent of Brevet des collèges)


Extend and reinforce bilingualism at Collège “Notre Dame du Clos Fleury”, a top-quality establishment that now welcomes Kaleidoscope students and other bilingual children with a reinforced English program on a special “High School” course.

Is your child already bilingual? Would you like them to continue perfecting their English? Take advantage of our new “Kaleidoscope High” program!

In exclusive partnership with Collège Notre-Dame le Clos Fleuri (a Catholic educational establishment located in L’Isle Jourdain), we have defined a pedagogical program along the same lines as the “Lycées internationaux”, but adapted to young middle-school students.

Thanks to this partnership, Le Clos Fleury 6e students with a very good level of English (at least equivalent to B1) are welcomed into special classes with a reinforced language protocol.

This unique and original initiative ensures continuity in their bilingualism, an excellent level of English on arrival at the Lycée and the possibility of validating official equivalences.

  • Cambridge exam (C1 advanced/ C2 proficiency) at the end of 3ème to validate prior learning.
  • Preparation for the International Section entrance tests in 2nd grade at Lycée Victor Hugo.
  • IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education)


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