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In addition to the official program, this course includes ;

6th grade – 2 extra hours per week
From 7th and 8th grade – 2 extra hours per week.

Oral and written comprehension and expression Spanish
6th Grade 4 Hours (replaces LV1)  2 Hours LV2
7th and 8th Grade 3 Hours + 2 Hours 2.5 Hours


Classes are taught by secondary school teachers employed and certified by Kaleidoscope Ecole Bilingue


  • Develop English language skills well beyond the expectations of LVA/LVB curricula at schools outside the International Sections.
  • Work on a variety of themes and activities (debating skills, literature, drama, history, etc.) to develop oral and written comprehension and expression skills.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively both orally and in writing
  • Learn to use a wide range of vocabulary, and consolidate skills in grammar, spelling and syntax.
  • Develop personal style and communication skills to organise facts and present ideas and opinions effectively.


Strengthen other languages too – Spanish from 6th grade!


When you join Kaleidoscope High, in addition to advanced bilingual English, your children will have Spanish as LV1 from 6th grade! A unique preparation for higher education!

  • 6e – 2 hours Spanish LV1
  • 5e-3e – 2.5 hours Spanish LV1

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