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About our bilingual English/French Primary school on the outskirts of Toulouse

Kaleidoscope École Bilingue is a English/French bilingual school educating children from 3-11. The school is located on the outskirts of Toulouse in Plaisance Du Touch, (ideally placed at the heart of the aeronautical district, between Colomiers, Salvetat-Saint-Gilles, Pibrac, Tournefeuille and Plaisance-du-Touch).

Bilingualism is at the very heart of Kaleidoscope École Bilingue. Bilingualism is the ability of an individual to alternate between two languages according to their needs; through the development of oral and written communication. Studies have shown acquisition of these skills is mainly in primary and we have structured our teaching method directly to this objective.

At Kaleidoscope École Bilingue we know that giving children the chance to become bilingual from an early age brings them an undeniable asset in life, whether for the pursuit of their studies or for their personal and professional development. We develop their ability to alternate between the two languages through oral and written skills. Here at Kaleidoscope École Bilingue our children learn and grow in a multilingual and multicultural environment.

In our primary school, bilingualism is practiced daily and is divided into mornings in one language and afternoons in the other. Attention is paid, among other things, to the discovery of writing and it is essential to practice both languages daily, including on Wednesdays.

A programme 100% in line with L’Education Nationale

As parents, you want to ensure that your children will follow a curriculum identical to that of students in other schools, and that they will attained the same level of knowledge and skills upon their arrival at college. At Kaleidoscope Ecole Bilingue we understood your wish, and we share it too.

We rigorously follow the program set out by the L’Education Nationale, we work in collaboration with other schools, such as the International School of Toulouse and Paris, the Victor Hugo College (British section) in the International High School, Portishead (UK) and Holy Trinity Primary (UK). Our teaching team, whose mother tongue is either English or French, or whom are bilingual in French-English, have all the necessary qualifications and experience to ensure teaching in accordance with the national guidelines and to maintain an impeccable level of excellence.

“Very Satisfactory” Award from the Academy Inspection

Down to the quality of our teaching and the teaching method, Kaleidoscope École Bilingue received a very good report published by L’Education National during an audit carried out in June 2019.


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