From 15th to 19th April we embarked on a book week. Throughout the week, the days were punctuated by tales and stories. It was a week dedicated to reading, sharing, communicating… to show children behind the scenes of making a book, but also to educate them about reading and enjoying words and stories.

Monday 15 April – I’m talking about me!
Psychologist Elise Carteron share her experience with us on the “mindfullness”. In small workshops the children talked about their emotions, sharing, school and living together.

Tuesday 16 April – We’re going on an adventure!
English-language author Gareth P. Jones presented his world to the school. The pupils discovered with joy and happiness a character of the English youth literature.

Albums whose universe has made children travel in worlds populated by friendly monsters or evil twins! A accompaniment to the ukulele to complete this beautiful morning!

Maybe next year Gareth will come back and we can enjoy a new workshop, but this time with the goal of writing an extraordinary story accompanied by a fascinating song!!!

Thursday and Friday 18th and 19th April: the book so much!
The children went to the CAP Al Campestre Museum. They had a real experience at printing, with wood or lead printing characters, through which they recomposed a text, which was then printed on an old press. The children were amazed, and very proud to leave with their text! In the afternoon, they were able to visit the Museum all together, and discover vintage cars, old dial telephones (it changes from smartphones!), and even a classroom of the 1920s. A journey through times that propelled them into a surprising world, very different from today’s!

Friday 19: the end!
Finally, Friday at 4pm we did our weekly assembly where preschool children showed us their Tango work: how to move, learn to recognize the tempo, adopt the right posture, follow a partner, do not walk on feet (and Yes…) this dance is interesting because it is practiced in two or in a group (and not by itself), forcing the children to stall their movements and moves in relation to others. In other words, a great way to practice “living together” at the same time as having fun. After work, Play! with a gouter organised by the KPA. A real success!

Book Week 2019