To the dock! It was Tuesday 18th December and the Kaleidoscope school show … The Kaleidoscope Express is leaving! It’s like a Harry Potter movie, but no, we’re at the school show! The children made a very special train, the Kaleidoscope Express, aboard which they will travel Europe, discover Antarctica, and even go around the world! This original way of travelling, and especially of opening up to the world, will provide them with a whole lot of discoveries. We will make a stop in Russia, to listen to the music and the regional tales of that country, and cross the old continent to Spain, to be lulled by the sounds of flamenco. Our journey will be furrowed with stops that allow us to discover the culture, the geography, the history, the gastronomy… in a way that is both playful, original and rich. We leave for a tour of the world in a very special TGV: The Train with Great adVentures!

Kaleidoscope Express