It’s never too early to try your hand at cooking! We had a workshops to awaken the senses of children around taste and food of the African continent… we invited Melanie, a dietician from our supplier Ansamble, who prepared a workshop to awaken all our senses: sight, touch or smell, essential to enjoying a meal. Melanie introduced the children to different types of tastes (salted, sweet, sour, bitter…) By getting to know the flavours the children learned also to love them better! All of these activities were done through tastings, and preparing skewers, salads and other delights. Melanie prepared a whole series of very different dishes: fruit purees, skewers of exotic fruits, milkshakes and also spices such as cinnamon, cumin, paprika… An activity which was high in flavour… and in color!

The workshop of the senses!