On Tuesday 26, the school was surreptitiously invaded by a herd of dinosaurs! Amy ran a workshop with the Lions class (MS/GS) to explain everything about these extinct animals thousands of years ago. For example, did you know that the oldest giant dinosaur ever discovered is Argentinian? With Amy, the children learned the names of the different species, and how to write some of their names. It may seem easy, but when you know they are called Othnielosaurus or Pachyrhinosaurins, we need to congratulate our little palaeontologists! They also played motor skill games to imitate their movements (flying, crawling, running…), measured them, and form tangrams of their shape… In short, the Jurassic age has no more secrets for them to discover! To close this beautiful prehistoric adventure, they dressed up and shared a jurassian cake with Brontosaur and Velociraptor. Enough to feed their imaginations for a few millennia!


The Dinosaurs dance the Tango!