Our trip to Asia continues! Friday with primary we put on our kimonos and our “jetas” and went for a a ride in the most Nippon corner of Toulouse, the Japanese garden! An explosion of colours, rounded shapes, contrasts… The children were amazed by the buds of the cherry blossoms that promise a bloom worthy of the most beautiful paintings. We have of course taken advantage of this outing to explain the ancestral principles of the art of Japanese gardens that may originate in the Shinto religion: these corners of Paradise provide a window in to the real beauty of  nature. So the mountains, the rivers, the Thunder… are considered divine manifestations. Some stones or trees, because of their particular shape, have become sacred objects. It is to pay homage to Mother Nature that these gardens have been created, cultivated, venerated. This also allowed us to see the connection with the environment and the respect that we owe it. All in all, it was a great day, to which we say: Arigato!

Sayonara, nice Japanese garden!