The Eagles are very excited to start their class project. This year, our school’s project is Voyage Around the World and we thought asking for your help and contribution, the communities around us as well as families, friends and citizens of the world to take part in developing our children’s knowledge about the world they live in

How you ask? Well we are going to ask EVERYONE if they could send a postcard to our Eagles class from where they live. We want this project to go viral. Please help us by spreading the word and sharing the online Facebook post.

Our goal is to show our children how big, beautiful and amazing our world is. Using this project as a learning tool, we will find how similar and different people are – the environment they live in, the language they speak, their traditional costumes and foods that they eat etc.

So come onboard and let’s take our children on a new adventure!

Kaleidoscope Ecole Bilingue, Eagles Class, 14, Rue Isaac Newton, Plaisance du Touch, 31830.

Voyage Around the World