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Nikki North

My name is Nikki North, I live with my 7 year old daughter Amelia-Grace and my 5 year old son Jensen.  We are the proud owners of a 2 year

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Bertrand Criner

Je m’appelle Bertrand et depuis 3 ans j’ai la charge de l’enseignement dans la classe de moyenne/grande section. Passionné de pédagogie, j’ai obtenu en 2012 un poste d’enseignant dans une

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Anne-Laure Breton

Issue d’une famille d’enseignants, c’est vers un métier technologique et industriel que je me suis tout d’abord tournée : l’ingénierie. Expatriée aux Etats-Unis puis en Espagne, j’ai été confrontée pendant

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Samantha Sba

I am a qualified iPGCE teacher passionate about multilanguage learning. I love helping the children at Kaleidoscope develop their curiosity and knowledge in a supportive and stimulating environment. I am

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Rhiannon Hayes

I’m originally from the North West of England. My passion has been, and continues to be, travel. I have loved to travel and have travelled to countries such as New

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Philippa Petch

My name is Philippa Petch, I am married and have two children. We left Wales in 2012 , predominantly for my husbands work in Airbus but also for me to

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Danielle Dang

I was born in Sydney, Australia and decided to move to Toulouse late last year. Before beginning my career in teaching, I studied Finance and have worked in the Finance

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Marta Tot Krajacevic

I have a bachelor’s degree in Preschool Education and in the last couple of years I have obtained TEFL and Jolly Phonics certificates. I have worked in a variety of

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Laëtitia Fournier

Titulaire d’un Master pour enseigner en maternelle et en élémentaire, ainsi que d’un Master pour enseigner le français en tant que langue étrangère, j’ai eu la chance de pouvoir enseigner

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Amy Easterbrook

I have been teaching since 1992. I worked in 4 different schools in the UK teaching children from 3years old to 7 years old. I love teaching children, watching them

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